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7 Websites to Up Skill Yourself

In today’s digital world one has to keep on updating their skills to keep up with the competition and as well as the market’s expectation. Learning is never-ending. You never lose, you either win or learn.

To get things started one has to choose a particular platform or a medium. In today’s everlasting plethora of content, it might become difficult to navigate. In certain cases, it might be even hard to pick one and continue along with the journey. Considering all these things we have selected a few platforms where you can upskill yourself. Well, most of us look out for free service but in the end, we compromise the quality. To make it simpler we have made a list of the best platforms out there to upskill yourself. 

Well let’s now look at the top platforms that you might want to give a try: 


It’s one of the best platforms to gain world-class content. Most of the courses are free but to get the certificate you need to pay some bucks. If you’re targeting only for knowledge and not aiming for a certificate, then you must try this one.


  • Youtube

Well even though its a multi genres platform, With a little bit of research you might end up getting great content. Be prepared for ads.


Skill Up -

  • Udemy

This platform has tons of content from too many creators ranging from experience to noobs. It has both free as well as paid courses. After the completion of any course, you will definitely get a certificate.


  • Linkedin Learning

This platform boasts of having some awesome content, but the platform identity is very less known. This a 1-month trial basis and after that, you have to pay. Its pricing model is similar to most of the OTT platforms.


  • Coursera

This platform has rich content provided by different universities and famous technology giants. The pricing of this platform is similar to the OTT platform.


  • Skillshare

This platform contains technical content to a certain extent. Also, the medium has a certain easy flow and keeps the learner glued. But you have to for your courses. 


  • BitDegree

A great Platform to learn specific technical skills, But have to pay for the course. But there are very few free courses which you can try before spending on the actual ones.

Well, we have tried our best to compile a list of platforms that might come in handy. But at the end of the day, it’s all left to you to decide what you want to do. The above list is not an order from best to worst or vice versa, it’s a mere list which can help you to achieve your small resolution that you might have forgotten. It’s always better to invest in yourself as early as possible.

Also, we don’t have any affiliation with any of the mentioned sites. We just want to help those motivated to folks who thought of learning some new skills.

This post was written by Prateek TL.

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