GST Hike Effect: Smartphones Price Increased in India

GST Hike Effect: Smartphones Price Increased in India

Smartphone sales have been halted in India as of today but, once the 21-day lockdown end and e-commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon start taking orders, you’ll have to spend more money from your pocket as the GST rates on the smartphones have been increased.

Starting, April 1, 2020, GST rates on mobile phones have increased from 12% to 18%, a 50% increase. Thanks to the new GST rates, the majority of the smartphone makers like Xiaomi, realme, Samsung, and more have already updated the prices of their smartphones. Most of the new prices are reflected on the respective official sites and also the prices will be soon effected on Amazon and Flipkart.

Here is the list of smartphones that have received price hike categorized by brands and also a comparison between old and new prices.

Poco X2 -

Redmi, Mi, and Poco New Price List

Old PriceNew Price
Redmi 8A Dual₹6,499.00₹6,999.00
Redmi 8₹8,199.00₹8,999.00
Redmi Note 7S₹8,999.00₹9,999.00
Redmi Note 7 Pro₹9,999.00₹10,999.00
Mi A3₹11,999.00₹12,999.00
Redmi Note 9 Pro₹12,999₹13,999
Redmi Note 9 Pro Max₹14,999₹16,499
Redmi K20₹19,999.00₹21,999.00
Redmi K20 Pro₹24,999.00₹26,999.00
Poco X2(6/64GB)₹15,999.00₹16,999.00
Poco X2(6/128GB)₹16,999.00₹17,999.00
Poco X2(8/256GB)₹19,999.00₹20,999.00


realme X50 5G
realme X50 5G

realme New Price List

Old PriceNew Price
realme C3₹6,999₹7,499
realme 5i₹8,999₹9,999
realme 5s₹9,999₹10,999
realme 5 Pro₹12,999₹13,999
realme 6₹12,999₹13,999
realme 6 Pro₹16,999₹17,999
realme X₹16,999₹17,999
realme X2₹16,999₹17,999
realme XT₹15,999₹16,999
realme X2 Pro₹27,999₹29,999
realme X50 Pro 5G₹37,999₹39,999


Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite -

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite –

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Samsung New Price List

Old PriceNew Price
Samsung A21₹13,499₹14,222
Samsung A31₹15,999₹16,856
Samsung A51₹23,999₹25,250
Samsung A71₹29,999₹31,500
Samsung A30s₹13,999₹14,749
Samsung S10 Lite₹39,999₹42,142
Samsung Note 10 Lite₹38,999₹41,000
Samsung S20₹66,999₹70,500
Samsung S20 +₹73,999₹79,900
Samsung S20 Ultra₹92,999₹97,900
Samsung Note 10₹69,999₹73,600
Samsung Note 10+₹79,999₹84,200
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip₹1,09,999₹1,15,890


Vivo Z1 Pro
Vivo Z1 Pro

Vivo New Price List

Old PriceNewPrice
Vivo U10₹8,990₹9,990
Vivo U20₹10,990₹11,990
Vivo Z1 Pro₹12,990₹13,990
Vivo S1 ₹15,990₹17,990
Vivi S1 Pro₹18,990₹20,990
Vivo V17₹22,990₹24,990


OPPO Reno3 Pro

OPPO New Price List

Old PriceNew Price
OPPO A3111,49012,490
OPPO A9(2020)₹14,990₹15,990
OPPO F1519,99021,990
OPPO Reno 2₹36,990₹38,990
OPPO Reno 2F₹21,990₹23,490
OPPO Reno 2Z₹25,990₹27,490
OPPO Reno3 Pro₹29,990₹31,990

iQOO 3 -

iQOO 3 New Price List

Old PriceNew Price
iQOO 3(4G, 8/128GB)₹36,990₹38,990
iQOO 3(4G, 8/256GB)₹39,990₹41,990
iQOO 3(5G, 12/512GB)₹44,990₹46,990


That was the list of a smartphone with new pricing and if you are planning to buy a new smartphone after the lockdown is complete, you will have to shell out more from your wallet. Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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